27 Next-Level Ways To Use Avocado

It’s not an ingredient. It’s a lifestyle.

1. Make vegan mayonnaise.

It’s like when two very attractive people (mayo and guac, in this case) get together and have a child that’s even better looking than either of them. Recipe here.

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2. Bake it into cheesy skillet pizza bread.

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Recipe here.

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3. Or, just put it on an actual pizza.

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Everything tastes better in pizza form. Recipe here.

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4. Make a super-simple, healthy pudding.

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You just need four ingredients, 2 minutes, and a blender! Recipe here.

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5. Use it as a moisturizing face mask.

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Instructions here.

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6. Freeze it into popsicles.

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If you ever find yourself with a surplus of avocados (unlikely, but still), these will last weeks in the freezer. Recipe here.

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7. Turn it into truffles!

I know. I KNOW! Recipe here.

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8. Bake an egg into it.

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Protein + Fat + Deliciousness = Staying Power and Happiness. Recipe here.

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9. Grill it.

Learn how to grill avocados (and then turn them into guacamole!) here.

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10. … then, stuff it!

In terms of what to put inside, nothing is off limits. Recipe here.

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11. Use it to make low-carb, dairy-free mint chocolate chip ice cream.

No green food coloring necessary. Recipe here.

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12. Spike it with tequila.

Jerry James Stone /

It sounds weird until you remember that everything is better with tequila. Recipe here.

ID: 2925597

13. Use it to make a crazy delicious guacamole/hummus hybrid.

The cronut ain’t got nothin’ on HUacamole. Recipe here.

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14. Repurpose the flesh and the ground-up pit to make a heavy-duty foot scrub.

Cari Dunn /

Instructions here.

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15. Blend it into pesto.

Combine half an avocado with half a cup of pesto for a creamy, super flavorful sauce. Recipe here.

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16. Make it your base ingredient for cold soup.

Zack DeStart /

Crab and avocado salads are pretty de rigueur, so why not try cold avocado and crab soup? Recipe here.

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17. Use it as a dairy substitute in creamy salad dressings.

Megan Gilmore /

Dairy-free caesar? Check. Recipe here.

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18. (Works for chicken salad too.)

Recipe here.

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19. Turn it into paleo, vegan frosting.


Everybody’s happy. Recipe here.

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(Try spreading the frosting on these gluten-free, grain-free avocado brownies!)

Kristy Sayer-Jones /

Recipe here.

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20. Mix it with sour cream to create a whole new condiment.

Perfect pairings include (but are not limited to): potato skins, quesadillas, chips, and crudités. Recipe here.

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21. Turn it into a deep-conditioning hair mask.

More instructions here.

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22. Turn it into cheese-less “cheesecake.”

Heather Pace /

The above recipe is completely raw, completely vegan, and completely delicious. Recipe here.

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23. Pair it with green tea for thick, smoothie-like bubble tea.

The silky texture of the avocado blends really well with the chewy tapioca pearls. Recipe here.

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24. Mix it into mashed potatoes.

Lauren Zietsman /

No butter necessary. Recipe here.

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25. Puree it and use it in risotto.

Becca John /

Genius. Recipe here.

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26. Eat it for breakfast, in pancake form.

Jennifer Dempsey /

With chocolate, obviously. Recipe here.

ID: 2941945

27. Deep-fry it.

Heidi Larsen /

And then put it in a taco. Because there’s really no way to beat a DEEP-FRIED AVOCADO TACO. Recipe here.

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