27 Next-Level Ways To Use Avocado

It’s not an ingredient. It’s a lifestyle.

1. Make vegan mayonnaise.

It’s like when two very attractive people (mayo and guac, in this case) get together and have a child that’s even better looking than either of them. Recipe here.

2. Bake it into cheesy skillet pizza bread.

Averie Sunshine / averiecooks.com

Recipe here.

3. Or, just put it on an actual pizza.

Maria & Josh Lichty / twopeasandtheirpod.com

Everything tastes better in pizza form. Recipe here.

4. Make a super-simple, healthy pudding.

Photograph by Yael Malka for BuzzFeed / buzzfeed.com

You just need four ingredients, 2 minutes, and a blender! Recipe here.

5. Use it as a moisturizing face mask.

Leah Bergman / freutcake.com

Instructions here.

6. Freeze it into popsicles.

Lauren Hendrickson / yumsugar.com

If you ever find yourself with a surplus of avocados (unlikely, but still), these will last weeks in the freezer. Recipe here.

7. Turn it into truffles!

I know. I KNOW! Recipe here.

8. Bake an egg into it.

Lizzie Fuhr / fitsugar.blinktwo.com

Protein + Fat + Deliciousness = Staying Power and Happiness. Recipe here.

9. Grill it.

Learn how to grill avocados (and then turn them into guacamole!) here.

10. … then, stuff it!

In terms of what to put inside, nothing is off limits. Recipe here.

11. Use it to make low-carb, dairy-free mint chocolate chip ice cream.

No green food coloring necessary. Recipe here.

12. Spike it with tequila.

Jerry James Stone / cookingstoned.tv

It sounds weird until you remember that everything is better with tequila. Recipe here.

13. Use it to make a crazy delicious guacamole/hummus hybrid.

The cronut ain’t got nothin’ on HUacamole. Recipe here.

14. Repurpose the flesh and the ground-up pit to make a heavy-duty foot scrub.

Cari Dunn / yourbeautyblog.com

Instructions here.

15. Blend it into pesto.

Combine half an avocado with half a cup of pesto for a creamy, super flavorful sauce. Recipe here.

16. Make it your base ingredient for cold soup.

Zack DeStart / bonappetit.com

Crab and avocado salads are pretty de rigueur, so why not try cold avocado and crab soup? Recipe here.

17. Use it as a dairy substitute in creamy salad dressings.

Megan Gilmore / detoxinista.com

Dairy-free caesar? Check. Recipe here.

18. (Works for chicken salad too.)

Recipe here.

19. Turn it into paleo, vegan frosting.


Everybody’s happy. Recipe here.

(Try spreading the frosting on these gluten-free, grain-free avocado brownies!)

Kristy Sayer-Jones / southerninlaw.com

Recipe here.

20. Mix it with sour cream to create a whole new condiment.

Perfect pairings include (but are not limited to): potato skins, quesadillas, chips, and crudités. Recipe here.

21. Turn it into a deep-conditioning hair mask.

More instructions here.

22. Turn it into cheese-less “cheesecake.”

Heather Pace / sweetlyraw.com

The above recipe is completely raw, completely vegan, and completely delicious. Recipe here.

23. Pair it with green tea for thick, smoothie-like bubble tea.

The silky texture of the avocado blends really well with the chewy tapioca pearls. Recipe here.

24. Mix it into mashed potatoes.

Lauren Zietsman / fullmeasureofhappiness.com

No butter necessary. Recipe here.

25. Puree it and use it in risotto.

Becca John / tastykitchen.com

Genius. Recipe here.

26. Eat it for breakfast, in pancake form.

Jennifer Dempsey / motherthyme.com

With chocolate, obviously. Recipe here.

27. Deep-fry it.

Heidi Larsen / foodiecrush.com

And then put it in a taco. Because there’s really no way to beat a DEEP-FRIED AVOCADO TACO. Recipe here.

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