21 Bloody Marys That Went Too Far

Sometimes it’s unclear where the garnish ends and the buffet table begins.

1. This Bloody Mary is a ‘meat and potatoes’ kind of girl.

Waffle fries, bacon, and salami, that is. Recipe here.

ID: 3070194

2. This Bloody Mary is all about the appetizer sampler.

Served at The Nook in Atlanta, GA.

ID: 3055257

3. This Bloody Mary is so intensely garnished, you need a beer to wash her down.

Served at Sobelman’s in Milwaukee, WI.

ID: 3055197

4. This Bloody Mary got cold and reached for a cheese blanket.


ID: 3078721

5. This Bloody Mary has seriously expensive taste.

Todd Wagner /

King crab claws? Upward of $35 per pound. Recipe: The Ultimate Bloody Mary.

ID: 3055303

6. This Bloody Mary is a “Tailgate in a Glass.”

Rachel Leah Blumenthal /

It’s made with beef jerky-infused vodka and “mud” horseradish sauce (?), and it’s served at Parlor Sports in Sommerville, MA.

ID: 3055412

7. This Bloody Mary loves a good crawfish boil.

Dive in.

ID: 3078749

8. This Bloody Mary seems a little fishy.

Clayton Hauk /

That’s a whole smoked chub peeking out. Served at The Cove in Traverse City, MI.

ID: 3055564

9. This Bloody Mary is garnished with a beef slider and a lamb slider.

Erik R. Trinidad /

Served at Hotel Madeline in Telluride, CO.

ID: 3055476

10. This Bloody Mary pays tribute to the Milwaukee Brewers by defying gravity.

Also by encouraging binge-eating. The Brewers Bloody Mary is served at O’Davey’s Pub in Fon Du Lac, WI.

ID: 3055663

11. This Bloody Mary is always trying to one-up her friend.

After Thrillist caught wind of the Brewers Bloody Mary (#9, above), they challenged its creator, bartender Sarah Jayne Pickart, to outdo herself. And, she delivered. Garnishes are too plentiful to list here, but highlights include a triple decker fish sandwich—walleye, perch, and bluegill, which PIckart caught herself—a venison stick, and a bacon-wrapped jalpeño popper. Read more here.

ID: 3078277

12. This Bloody Mary is southern to the core.

There’s no better way to wake up than biscuits, booze, and some chicken and waffles for good measure.

ID: 3078856

13. This Bloody Mary knows how to shotgun.

Chug, chug, chug, chug.

ID: 3078967

14. This Bloody Mary feels like chicken tonight.

Like, an entire roast chicken. Plus buffallo wings, burgers, potatoes and a brownie. Served at Score on Davie in Vancouver, BC.

ID: 3078128

15. This Bloody Mary’s got a meat-rub rim and a rib on top.

And, on Sunday it’s only $6 at That Boy Good in Oceanside, CA.

ID: 3055849

16. This Bloody Mary eats pizza for breakfast.

ID: 3078663

17. This Bloody Mary has a meat straw.

Face it, tomato juice is better when it tastes faintly of Slim Jim. Get Benny’s Beef Straws here.

ID: 3070544

18. This Bloody Mary hooked up with pizza, a footlong sub, and another Bloody Mary at the same time.

Also fries, fried chicken, onion rings, and a whole lot of other stuff. It was created (well, assembled) by comedian Randy Liedtke, and you can read the details here.

ID: 3055906

19. This Bloody Mary will never be too good for string cheese.

jchapiewsky / Flickr: 24311566@N07

Frankly, neither will I. Served at Revere’s in Delafield, WI.

ID: 3077957

20. This Bloody Mary is obviously from England.

The whole ‘beans on toast’ thing never quite made it on this side of the pond.

ID: 3078887

21. This Bloody Mary needs to get shucked.

Michael Kraus /

Good thing oysters and Bloody Marys are perfect for each other. Recipe here.

ID: 3070665

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