10 Images From Today’s Protests In Washington That Show Why There’s No Easy End To The Shutdown

The right still thinks it’s winning. posted on

Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and other conservative leaders rallied today against any compromise in what is widely viewed as the Republicans’ disastrous decision to shut down the government.

The base remains pumped.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Their anger is aimed at the White House.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

And while some of their symbolism is unfortunate…

Pro tip: If you want to express your love of US Army & its monuments … leave the Confederate flag at home.

…the right thinks it’s winning.

Many conservatives have sent me this photo. Memorial protests have moved from Beltway maneuver to major nat'l effort https://t.co/Xb3D8dJCWX

This is a big story; House conservatives tell me it's a "game-changer," gives Right new momentum ahead of this week http://t.co/QRzlHrjOcf

That's what I'm reporting: this vet/Palin/Cruz memorial protest story is going viral quickly on right, will shape House GOP scene on M & T

@noamscheiber I'm very serious. Activists, right flank of House now tell me they're now winning PR war vs WH, "fight on"

But most observers still agree on one thing:

There is a growing acceptance in Hill GOP that regardless of how this ends, it'll end badly, and Rs who back it will be blamed for caving

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