• Etsy Sellers Prepare For Craft War As Amazon Enters The Handmade Market

    The crafter community isn't viewing Handmade at Amazon as an "Etsy killer" just yet.

  • Targeting Shadow Banking, Clinton Casts Glass-Steagall As "Problem Of The Past"

    Clinton's plan to rein in modern Wall Street: taxing high-frequency trading, closing a loophole in the "Volcker rule," regulating risk across banks and hedge funds. "I’m going to go after what I think are the real problems, not the problems of the past."

  • Volkswagen Diesels Will Not Be Fixed Until 2016, U.S. Chief Says

    In testimony before Congress, Michael Horn said it was "dead wrong to put corporate profits before people," but blamed the emissions scandal on "individuals," not the company.

  • What Happened To The $100 Million Mark Zuckerberg Gave To Newark Schools?

    BuzzFeed News spoke with journalist Dale Russakoff, whose book The Prize tracks Zuckerberg's massive gift to Newark schools and the unravelling of school reform efforts there.

  • This Company Wants To Make It Easier For Managers To Track Employees

    Tech companies that encourage managers to constantly track employees and monitor their performance are gaining steam among employers and investors.

  • California Now Has The Country's Toughest Equal Pay Law

    The state's Fair Pay Act closes a loophole employers have used to justify unequal pay.

  • China's Internet Users Are Less Than Happy About Being Left Out Of A Huge Trade Deal

    "What have we not done right after joining the WTO?" many Chinese are asking.

  • Jet.com Gices Up On Charging $50 Yearly Membership Fee

    The site promised consumers the lowest prices on the web. But those discounts will get a little smaller as it gives up on charging membership fees.

  • Urban Outfitters Will End On-Call Scheduling, But Only In New York

    But unlike Gap, L Brands and Abercrombie, it didn't commit to ending the controversial practice nationwide.

  • The Price Of Second-Hand Volkswagen Diesels Has Fallen 13% In Two Weeks

    Since the company's emissions scandal was made public, its diesel-engined cars have dropped in value significantly.

  • With Auto Strike Looming, Union Leaders Face Rebellion Among Members

    After much grassroots online organizing, workers rejected a new contract deal agreed to by their leaders. When the current one expires midnight on Wednesday, they may strike.

  • viral

    If You Use LinkedIn It May Owe You Compensation From A $13 Million Settlement

    The social network for professional connections just settled a class-action lawsuit for $13 million.

  • American Apparel's Bankruptcy Leaves Dov Charney Broke

    Not long ago, he was the biggest shareholder, worth tens of millions of dollars. Soon, he's likely to have nothing.

  • Poll Says Promising A Minimum Wage Hike Would Boost Voter Turnout

    Two thirds of low-wage workers who are registered to vote say they would turn out for a presidential candidate who supports a $15 an hour minimum wage and a union.

  • How To Make Big Money From Education As A "Covert For-Profit"

    A new report says that by converting their schools to nonprofit status, some college companies can avoid scrutiny and regulation but keep making big profits.

  • viral

    How Did Hash Browns Get Left Behind In McDonald's All-Day Breakfast?

    When McDonald's starts offering all-day breakfast on Tuesday, about 10% of stores won't be offering hash browns. Egg McMuffin and fries, anyone?

  • The World's Biggest For-Profit College Company Is Going Public

    Laureate Education has more than 1 million students spread across the world, and nearly $5 billion in debt.

  • Average ATM Charge Is $4.50, Bank Fees Go Up "Like The Sun Rising In The East"

    Bank fees are increasing "like the sun rising in the East."

  • The American Apparel Saga Has Ended In Bankruptcy

    The company has been bleeding cash since ousting its longtime CEO and founder last year.

  • Here's How Uber Beat The Las Vegas Taxi Industry

    The Las Vegas taxi industry used every political maneuver in its arsenal to keep Uber and Lyft off the strip. It didn't work.

  • Jack Dorsey Named Permanent CEO Of Twitter

    Dorsey will also remain the chief executive and chair of Square. Adam Bain, Twitter's head of global revenue and partnerships, will serve as the company's president and chief operating officer.

  • The Next Phase Of The Chick-fil-A Ascendancy Has Begun

    The chicken sandwich chain is already larger than Chipotle, and as it expands to new markets like New York, industry watchers say it poses a threat to the giants of fast food.

  • A Group Of Elite Colleges Could End The College Admissions Monopoly

    Some are beginning to think the admissions system disadvantages poor and minority students.

  • Primark Arrives In America As The Cheaper Forever 21

    The Irish retailer has landed in America, and wants to sell Forever 21 styles at Wal-Mart prices.

  • Rupert Murdoch Is Selling His Failed Education Business To Joel Klein

    The former New York schools chief will step down as CEO of Amplify, but is part of a management team leading a buyout of the business.

  • Thousands Of Carats Of Blood Diamonds May Be Set To Hit World Markets

    Stockpiled diamonds from the Central African Republic are set to be sold when an export ban is lifted, but Amnesty International has said separating conflict diamonds will likely be impossible.

  • SoFi's Billion Dollar Funding Round Is One Of The Biggest Ever

    The online lender is one of just six American startups to ever raise $1 billion in a single funding round.

  • Ralph Lauren Tells Staff He's Still In Charge

    Ralph Lauren, who named a new CEO to his namesake company yesterday, told employees he's not stepping down or stepping back, in a letter obtained by BuzzFeed News.

  • No, Amazon Isn't Entering The Gig Economy For The First Time Today

    Flex, Amazon's on-demand delivery service, may be new, but if you think this is the first time the company has used digital platforms to experiment with a cheap, distributed workforce, you haven't been paying attention.