Who Is Corner Guy?

His name is John Ellis.

1. In the midst of Ted Cruz’s speech in the Senate, a star is born.

2. Meet “Corner Guy.”

3. The internet began to ponder about “Corner Guy.”

4. People compared “Corner Guy” to Milton from Office Space.


5. Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys.


6. And the guy from the Go Daddy commercial.


7. Some were scared of him.

I'm more than a little suspicious of Corner Guy. RT @bennyjohnson: Corner guy getting suspicious.

— michaelhayes (@Mike Hayes)

8. Some were distracted by him.

Seriously. That dude is distracting me. RT @bennyjohnson: Corner guy getting suspicious.

— TheBrandonMorse (@Brandon Morse)

9. But most just demanded to know who he was.

@aseitzwald @AndrewHClark @RaffiWilliams @BuzzFeedAndrew so where is the name?!?! Inquiring minds want to know

— Raffiwilliams (@Raffi Williams)

10. “Corner Guy” is actually John R. Ellis IV.

12. He is Ted Cruz’s legal counsel.

13. He got his JD at Samford University Cumberland School of Law.

14. And a BA in political science and government from the University of North Texas.

15. He likes guns and smoking.


16. He once went to the White House.

17. And took this photo when Obama was not looking.

18. He likes the beach.

20. And he likes Ted Cruz and Mike Lee on Facebook.

21. And he really likes The Big Lebowski and Sherlock.

23. So stay strong, John R. Ellis IV.

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