The Most YOLO Congressman On Facebook

You Only Legislate Once.

Meet Congressman Mike Quigley (D-IL).

ID: 1238849

27. He is clearly the most YOLO congressman on Facebook. Look at him headbutt this beluga whale.

ID: 1238968

26. He cooks in a restaurant.

ID: 1238872

And makes this derp face while doing it.

ID: 1238876

25. He uses filters on his selfies on the House floor.

ID: 1238879

24. He takes on creepy Easter bunnies that are terrorizing Chicago neighborhoods.

ID: 1238880

23. He fights raging fires with his bare hands.

ID: 1238882

He fights toothless hockey goons.

ID: 1238883

He fights other Congressmen, like Rep. Murphy (D-PA), on the Capitol steps.

ID: 1238995

But they all get along in the end.

ID: 1238885

22. He chills with Santa.

ID: 1238894

21. He LOVES dogs and takes them in to testify before congress.

ID: 1238927

And then adds filters to them.

ID: 1238909

20. He hands out half drank jugs of apple cider.

ID: 1238918

19. He YOLO’s up on stage with this Roots band.

ID: 1238931

18. He plants trees like this.

ID: 1238959

17. He teaches infants how to bowl.

ID: 1238971

16. He chills out at this shelter with a big sweater on.

ID: 1238905

15. He operates heavy machinery.

ID: 1238973

14. He delivers valentines he wrote to people in the hospital.

ID: 1238976

13. He hangs out in meatpacking factories.

ID: 1238947

12. And makes sandwiches by the dozen.

ID: 1238949

11. He poses in front of this gigantic mobile weiner.

ID: 1238951

10. He is masterful at the thumbs-up.

ID: 1238898

9. He gets interviewed by Stephen Colbert.

ID: 1239292


ID: 1238981

7. He cleans sewers with his hands.

ID: 1238986

6. This is what the inside of his congressional office looks like (not really, but it could.)

ID: 1238988

5. He makes cheesecake YOLO.

ID: 1238991

And raspberry tart.

ID: 1239254

4. He catches asian carp with a giant net.

ID: 1239002

3. He wins the Stanley Cup and just holds it above his head for hours.

ID: 1238993

2. He is secretly building his own pioneer village.

ID: 1239278

1. He dresses in Dickens-era clothing to give floor speeches.

ID: 1239288

Mike Quigely = Congressman YOLO.

ID: 1238845

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