It Was A Huge Mistake Not To Invite Chris Christie To CPAC


Conservatives did not appreciate Chris Christie’s photo-ops with President Obama right before the 2012 election.

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But is was a mistake to leave him off of the Conservative Political Action Conference speakers list.

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Christie has some undeniable things going for him that many top Republicans do not:

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15. Like a sense of humor.

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14. And real star power.

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No way.

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Ooh, that guy.

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He is squeezing Bon Jovi’s cheeks!

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13. Christie has some awesome #SWAG.

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12. He is an awesome meme generator.

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11. He has been on the frontline for conservatism on many popular shows.

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10. Fashion editors love to nitpick his apparel.

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9. Christie is a social media BOSS.

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8. And he is in charge of a place with this bridge.

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7. People pay attention to him on an international level.

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6. And he is perfect for headlines.

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5. He is tough on the media.

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4. And even though the media likes to make fun of him…

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…He actually kind of intimidates them.

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3. And that’s why Time magazine gave him this cover:

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2. His CPAC speech would surely have been very critical of the President…

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…and guaranteed the event media attention.

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1. The CPAC crowd would have said:

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So conservatives say to CPAC: Y U NO LIKE CHRIS CHRISTIE?

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