19 Unexplained Uses Of Instagram Filters By Politicians

You’re not supposed to blur the politician.

1. When Mitch McConnell artistically blurred out these coal supporters.

2. When Roy Blunt went retro.

3. When Saxby Chambliss gave this very warm welcome to his interns.

4. Tim Scott decided Cookie Monster needed this texture.

5. Nice frame, Sen. Vitter.

6. Pat Roberts decided this military parade needed more vignette was needed here.

7. Thad Cochran slingin’ the blur.

Blur those other people right out Harry.

8. Sen. Crapo, you’re doing it wrong.

9. Meet the Press is not this dramatic.

10. “Yes, I think that is bright enough.”

11. Nice frame, Sen. Wicker.

12. “You know what this photo needs, John? A frilly border.”

13. Ted Cruz endorses sepia.

14. Easy on the red there, Cory Booker.

15. It’s just like a J.J. Abrams movie.

16. You are not supposed to blur the politician.

17. “It was a retro birth control conversation.”

18. Star Trek 3: A Mark Warner Mystery


But we know politicians are just trying to express themselves. Which we like. So filter on, politicians…

.@MittRomney is a great man and a great friend. Happy Birthday, Mitt!

— PRyan (@Paul Ryan)

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