Minnesota Republican Party Official Uses Robin Williams’ Death To Boost Candidacy

And it didn’t get better from there.

An official with the Republican Party of Minnesota found himself in hot water Tuesday for using the death of movie star Robin Williams to boost the candidacy of a Republican candidate for governor in Minnesota.

To which Chris Fields, Deputy Chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota, responded with the following:

The tweet appears to have since been deleted.

But the tweets didn’t stop there for Fields, who previously ran for Congress against Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison.

Responding to people who took offense at his tweet, he accused some of having “pretend grief.”

“The Dr who contracted Ebola while trying to help poor children suffered a tragedy. This ain’t that,” he added.

The rest of his tweets follow the same line. BuzzFeed reached out to Fields for comment.

Update: Fields deleted all of his tweets and was condemned by one of the Republican candidates for governor in Minnesota.

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