Survivors Of Typhoon Haiyan Share Photos And Stories Of Devastation

More than 10,000 are feared dead in the Philippines. Warning: graphic images.

1. As many as 10,000 people are believed dead in Leyte, a province in the Philippines, after strong winds and giant waves destroyed parts of the nation in one of the worst storms ever recorded.

Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

2. Corpses hung from trees and were found along sidewalks and near demolished buildings, the Associated Press reports.

Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

3. Typhoon Haiyan appears to be the deadliest natural disaster on record in the Philippines.

Romeo Ranoco / Reuters

4. People on the ground in the Philippines shared their stories on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. WARNING: graphic content.

After I got off the boat at the airport, I saw another 5 people dead on the shore mostly kids, again, nobody picked them up.

— ExtremeStorms (@Jim Edds)

inip na si totoy--a little boy is apparently getting impatient with the long line of people seeking medical aid.

— erelcabatbat (@erel cabatbat)

A church 10 miles south of Tacloban in Tanauan used as an evacuation center 0.14 miles from the ocean.

— ExtremeStorms (@Jim Edds)

toy for baby-abigail castinos has been looking for her 2 missing kids, including her 2-year-old bunso since yestrday

— erelcabatbat (@erel cabatbat)

Caption: “This photo speaks a million words. A view from the shoreline in Anibong, Leyte, our chapel in Tacloban City, still standing strong after Super Typhoon #Haiyan #YolandaPH…”

11. “On the way to the airport we saw many bodies along the street,” Philippine-born Australian Mila Ward, 53, told the AP. “They were covered with just anything — tarpaulin, roofing sheets, cardboards.”

She said she passed “well over 100” dead bodies along the way.

we are safe--if you know Esmeraldo salvia of Cebu, please tell him that Gina & liansy are alive and well.

— erelcabatbat (@erel cabatbat)

and they are still there right now. Warning: strong content

— ExtremeStorms (@Jim Edds)

another family waiting for a ride out of tacloban city.

— erelcabatbat (@erel cabatbat)

16. “I have no house, I have no clothes. I don’t know how I will restart my life, I am so confused,” an unidentified woman said, crying. “I don’t know what happened to us. We are appealing for help. Whoever has a good heart, I appeal to you — please help.”

helping the injured off the C130 in Cebu at the military base.

— ExtremeStorms (@Jim Edds)

Check out the timeline of @RedCrossCebu for an inside look at damage in Philippines - @infodude -

— MicahGrimes (@Micah Grimes)

storm surge laid bare the roots of the large trees

— ExtremeStorms (@Jim Edds)

21. “There is no power, no water, nothing. People are desperate. They’re looting,” said Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin.

Government buildings like this police station were not spared by #YolandaPH in Tabogon, Cebu @philredcross

— RedCrossCebu (@Red Cross Cebu)

we are safe--the maravilles would like to tell their loved ones that they are ok.@actuallygracie

— erelcabatbat (@erel cabatbat)

This lady was begging people to help her find her stuff - near Leyte Park Tacloban #TyphoonYolanda #TyphoonHaiyan

— ExtremeStorms (@Jim Edds)

loading more rice on the return flight from Cebu to Tacloban. Need a whole lot more.

— ExtremeStorms (@Jim Edds)

27. “The water was as high as a coconut tree. I was swept away by the rampaging water with logs, trees and our house, which was ripped off from its mooring,” said Sandy Torotoro, 44, who lives near the airport with his wife and 8-year-old daughter.

Even pets paid a toll

— ExtremeStorms (@Jim Edds)

Amphitheater totally destroyed by surge along the shoreline near Leyte Park

— ExtremeStorms (@Jim Edds)

kabuwan na--a pregnant woman awaits for the c-130 that will bring her to cebu. AFP doctors say she is due anytime.

— erelcabatbat (@erel cabatbat)

people desperately trying to get out of a chaotic airport today in Tacloban

— ExtremeStorms (@Jim Edds)

33. “When we were being swept by the water, many people were floating and raising their hands and yelling for help. But what can we do? We also needed to be helped,” Torotoro said.

10 children died here according to a crying man holding a dead girl.

— ExtremeStorms (@Jim Edds)

36. One Instagram user showed the destruction to various parts of his home.

Caption: “Damage to our house in Ormoc after #yolanda #haiyanFollow”

Caption: “My parents’ room. #yolanda #haiyanFollow”

“Hallway going to the rooms. #yolanda #haiyanFollow”

“My bros room”

40. “The devastation is … I don’t have the words for it,” Interior Secretary Mar Roxas said. “It’s really horrific. It’s a great human tragedy.”

Tacloban - no one to bury the dead

— ExtremeStorms (@Jim Edds)

43. Many posted messages offering help to others.

List of Tacloban Survivors. This is a dynamic list. Please refresh to get the updated list.

— leolastimosa (@Leo Lastimosa)

First Hand Account of the Yolanda Devastation (And How to Help) | The Cebu Website: ZeroThreeTwo via @032cebu

— stepak (@Steph Senires)

Our simple formula for help. Please spread ever so generously! c",)

— JudeBacalso (@Jude Bacalso)

“I’ve been blessed so it’s time to help the typhoon #YolandaPh victims. #bangonpilipinas #PrayFollow”

47. In China, the storm is still brewing.

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