Jimmy Fallon’s Tearful Tribute To Robin Williams Will Give You Chills

“O Captain! My Captain! You will be missed!”

1. On yesterday’s Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon got choked up discussing the death of Robin Williams, and told his audience how inspired and enamored he was with the “genius comedian and actor.”

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2. He honored Williams by doing an impression of him.

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3. Fallon then showed a clip from the legendary comedian’s first appearance on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show.

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Williams first went on the show in October, 1981.

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4. It was an energized, hilarious bit that captures the essence of Williams’ comedic voice.

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5. Fallon ended the segment by standing on his desk to commemorate the famous scene from Dead Poets Society. “O Captain! My Captain,” he said. “You will be missed.”

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6. Watch the whole beautiful tribute here:

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