#ThanksGeorge Sarcastically Heaps Praise On George Zimmerman For His Feats Of Courage

After reports that Zimmerman saved a family from an overturned car, Twitter users imagined his other feats. “Zimmerman was able to save both Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes #ThanksGeorge.”

1. Reports surfaced on Monday that George Zimmerman saved a family from an overturned vehicle after his polarizing trial verdict, leading Twitter users to imagine his other heroic exploits.

Zimmerman said i looked suspicious in my outfit so he took me shopping #thanksgeorge

— lylesknowsbest (@Baeowulf)

George Zimmerman is reportedly at the border handing out bottles of water to weary Latino travelers. #ThanksGeorge

— iamtjones (@Lawrence of Suburbia)

8. #ThanksGeorge trended for a time Tuesday morning.

The doctor who delivering the #RoyalBaby passed out. Thankfully, Zimmerman swooped in and delivered the crown prince: #ThanksGeorge

— atchka (@Atchka!)

I saw Zimmerman backflip through a window and hand this girl an iphone charger after she complained her phone was on 2%. #ThanksGeorge

— j_avery (@[Jon]athan Avery)

Zimmerman solved every single one of Jay Z's 99 Problems. #ThanksGeorge

— YorkWhitaker (@York Whitaker)

Zimmerman went through my calendar and left little notes reminding me of all my family member's birthdays. So thoughtful. #ThanksGeorge

— RantingOwl (@O is for Obfuscation)

GZ bicycle-kicked through my window & turned out the light out for me when I forgot & had already got comfortable in my bed. #ThanksGeorge

— LIFEavantgarde (@John Wilson III)

Got drunk last night and tried to send out texts but Zimmerman roundhouse kicked my phone out of my hand #ThanksGeorge

— ZiggyOfAk (@Ziggy)

Zimmerman bought 1,000 tickets for the Jacksonville Jaguars home opener just to avoid a television black out. #ThanksGeorge

— Paul_Conrad (@Paul Conrad)

16. The heroic tinge to the tweets may have to do with the ABC News report that said he “emerged from hiding” and “pulled an individual from a truck that had rolled over.” The local sheriff’s office says there were two parents and two children.

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