#ThanksGeorge Sarcastically Heaps Praise On George Zimmerman For His Feats Of Courage

After reports that Zimmerman saved a family from an overturned car, Twitter users imagined his other feats. “Zimmerman was able to save both Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes #ThanksGeorge.” posted on

1. Reports surfaced on Monday that George Zimmerman saved a family from an overturned vehicle after his polarizing trial verdict, leading Twitter users to imagine his other heroic exploits.

Left my keys on the bus this morning. Zimmerman air dropped my spare like a sponsored gift from The Hunger Games. #ThanksGeorge

Zimmerman just tunneled thru the floor & slapped a bowl of cereal out of my hand because the milk was spoiled. #ThanksGeorge

Zimmerman crashed through my ceiling once I took the last sheet of TP off the roll to hand me another from under the sink #ThanksGeorge

After careful review of bedroom surveillance footage he'd recorded of me, GZ noticed my sleep deprivation&aided me w/ketamine #ThanksGeorge

George Zimmerman is reportedly at the border handing out bottles of water to weary Latino travelers. #ThanksGeorge

8. #ThanksGeorge trended for a time Tuesday morning.

The doctor who delivering the #RoyalBaby passed out. Thankfully, Zimmerman swooped in and delivered the crown prince: #ThanksGeorge

I saw Zimmerman backflip through a window and hand this girl an iphone charger after she complained her phone was on 2%. #ThanksGeorge

Zimmerman went through my calendar and left little notes reminding me of all my family member's birthdays. So thoughtful. #ThanksGeorge

GZ bicycle-kicked through my window & turned out the light out for me when I forgot & had already got comfortable in my bed. #ThanksGeorge

Got drunk last night and tried to send out texts but Zimmerman roundhouse kicked my phone out of my hand #ThanksGeorge

Zimmerman bought 1,000 tickets for the Jacksonville Jaguars home opener just to avoid a television black out. #ThanksGeorge

16. The heroic tinge to the tweets may have to do with the ABC News report that said he “emerged from hiding” and “pulled an individual from a truck that had rolled over.” The local sheriff’s office says there were two parents and two children.

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