San Antonio Spurs To Haters: Sebastien Will Sing National Anthem Again

Sebastien de la Cruz, who classily stood up to Twitter critics, will sing Thursday before Game 4 of the NBA finals. Is he the Spurs new good luck charm? posted on

1. Hey, remember this little guy? The 10-year-old Mariachi singer who’s goose bump-inducing rendition of the national anthem was attacked by many on Twitter? Well, the San Antonio Spurs have brought him back to sing again before game four of the NBA finals.

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2. Reporter Dillon Collier with KENS 5 in San Antonio, radio station WOAI and the San Antonio Express are reporting that Sebastien will be singing the national anthem again.

Sebastien de la Cruz to sing the National Anthem prior to Game 4 of the NBA Finals tonight in San Antonio #kens5news

NEWS: According to sources Sebastian De La Cruz will be singing the National Anthem tonight before Game 4 of the NBA Finals!

5. It makes sense after all. Luck is something a lot of sports figures believe in and the Spurs did blowout the Miami Heat in Game 3 113-77 after two evenly matched first two games.

6. With critics bashed/shamed into silence by the resulting furor over their comments, the Internet is REALLY excited to hear that he’s going to sing again.

Sebastien De La Cruz will be singing the National Anthem again for game 4! The Spurs don't care about your racist comments. #gospursgo

For all those Sebastien De La Cruz haters he's singing the National Anthem AGAIN!!!

RT @WalkerATX: Sebastien de la Cruz will sing National Anthem again tonight!! /Awesome! Great kid!

Great news!! It sounds like Sebastian De La Cruz will be singing the National Anthem again tonight! #RiseAboveHate #GoSpursGo #NBAFinals

Woot! Sebastien de la Cruz will be back at center court tonight, to sing the National Anthem before the San...

The Spurs are bringing back Sebastian De La Cruz to sing the national anthem again tonight. Class act by a classy organization.

12. When Sebastien responded to the haters with these classy comments, the world fell in love with the “America’s Got Talent” star.

13. Even San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro spoke up in support of the mariachi wunderkind. People gave the post major love.

14. So there you have it. Sebastien will sing again. Here is his first performance, in case you missed it.

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