If You’re Lucky, You Too Can Be Inside Narendra Modi’s Nostril

The Indian candidate for prime minister made a rookie mistake while taking a selfie.

1. Narendra Modi, the 63-year-old man likely to be the next leader of the world’s largest democracy, joined “selfie season” by tweeting a picture of his inked finger after casting his vote in the state of Gujarat on Wednesday, April 29.

2. Using his white cell phone, Modi took a selfie holding up his inked finger and flashing a lotus flower — the symbol of the BJP party.

STRDEL/AFP / Getty Images

Indian voters’ index fingers are marked with a small ink stripe after they’ve cast their vote to prevent anyone from voting more than once.

3. Modi supporters believed that this could well be the selfie of the year.

4. One problem: It appears that Modi stuck the lotus up his nostrils by mistake. Selfie rookie mistake.

5. This selfie faux pas comes despite the ample practice he has had in the art. For instance, here’s a selfie he took last week with author Chetan Bhagat.

6. And here he is again posing for another selfie with a BJP party candidate.


7. Apart from his flower-up-the-nose selfie disaster, Modi may have violated the election code of conduct by flashing his party symbol near the polling booth.

STRDEL/AFP / Getty Images

After complaints by opposition parties, the Election Commission has ordered a First Information Report against Modi for possibly flouting election laws by canvassing for votes on election day. The law prohibits election canvassing within 100 meters of the polling area.

8. But one minor selfie misstep didn’t stop Modi. In fact, he encouraged his 3.85 million followers to tweet their election selfies using the hashtag #SelfieWithModi. Their selfies were then used to create this elaborate Modi mosaic.

Selfie is in! Share yours using #SelfieWithModi & see what happens https://t.co/2s2BZ7GvuC

— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi)

9. If you uploaded your #SelfiewithModi, you could zoom in and find selfies of you and your friends in the Modi mosaic.

10. On second thoughts, this IS the selfie of the year.

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