Indians Are Proudly Uploading Selfies After Voting In The World’s Largest Democratic Elections

A number of first-time voters are also encouraging the country to get out and vote on Instagram and Twitter.

1. Indians are proudly uploading images of their ink-stained hands after voting in the general elections.

Narendra Modi, a front-runner of the elections, however, has been accused of breaking election rules after uploading a selfie of himself holding a lotus flower, a symbol of his party.

2. There are 814 million eligible voters in the country, making India’s democratic elections the world’s largest.

3. Voting in India takes place across a number of weeks with votes being cast in different regions on separate days.

4. Voting concludes on 12 May and election results will be released on 16 May.

6. Rival factions, however, argue that he broke regulations by posting the image with his party’s symbol, the lotus flower. According to election rules, there should not be any political messaging within 100 metres of an election booth.

7. Mostly though, Indians are just proud to be participating in the elections and are sharing it with the world through social networks such as Instagram and Twitter.

10. One Instagram user, Malav Ashara, said: “Participated in the general elections of the biggest democracy of the world, India.”

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