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Someone Showed Up To A Trump Rally Dressed As The Wall He's Proposing To Build


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One Donald Trump supporter took an extremely creative — and literal — approach to showing his enthusiasm for the presidential candidate during his Saturday rally in Orlando, Florida.

A man identified by the Associated Press as Steve Travers from Tampa showed up to Trump’s rally dressed as a white brick wall with “MEXICO WILL PAY!” scrawled across his chest.

Omg. Trump's Wall is literally at his rally. #FloridaPrimary


The candidate says that Mexico will pay for the wall, although Mexican officials have already said “under no circumstances” will that ever happen.

Travers’ choice of attire sparked many...reactions on Twitter.

@85thLegislature @daveweigel it looks like that person could have just as easily been a Pink Floyd fan. #AnotherBrickInTheWall

"I was told sexy costumes get in free."

@85thLegislature I am so embarrassed for my state.


@85thLegislature The Wall appears to have Dad Body.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Travers for comment.

Tamerra Griffin is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based Nairobi, Kenya.

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