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These Vladimir Putin Tattoos Are Works Of Art

Some create fan art. The truly dedicated offer their bodies as canvas.

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Considering a tattoo of the Russian president? You've got options.


Girlie Putin.

AFP / Getty Images / Via Offbeat Ink

Temporary tattoos of Putin were all the rage in the Siberian city of Omsk in 2008. Russian tattoo artist Tatiana Zharova offered two versions — a "cunning and romantic" Putin for ladies and a "more focused, more serious and you can say more evil" one for men.

Character-building Putin.

Aleksei Barinov was a college student in Nizhny Novgorod when he had Putin tattooed on his thigh in 2008. To keep his mind off the pain while getting inked, he channeled his idol. "I tried to smile and think about what a courageous man Putin is," Barinov told a Russian reporter.

But not all Putin ink is worn by fans.


An opposition activist in St. Petersburg had the words "Putin is a thief!" tattooed across his forearm. According to journalist Arseny Smolyak, the tattoo artist knocked 50% off the price after hearing the customer's request.

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