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17 Things From Twitter's IPO Filing That Might Surprise You

A conversation between Mario Batali and Gavin Rossdale!

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1. Twitter highlighted a conversation between Mario Batali and Gavin Rossdale as an example of how "conversational" the platform is


2. And one time, NBA player Kevin Durant used Twitter to play flag football with college students at Oklahoma State University

3. Just one of Twitter's executive officers is a woman. None of the directors are.

4. This is corporate speak for hashtag: "Some trends are preceded by '#,' which we refer to as a hashtag...

The use of hashtags on our platform was initiated by our users and hashtags are included in Tweets to mark them as relating to a topic, enabling trends to be more easily identified and conversations on a given topic to be more easily found."

5. Favorites, @Replies and Retweets, the OFFICIAL definitions:

"Users can click on the "Favorite" button on a Tweet to demonstrate their support of or interest in the Tweet. Users can also reply to a Tweet created by another user by clicking the "Reply" button on the Tweet, which we refer to as an @reply, building on the original content and sharing their thoughts and opinions with the sender. A Tweet can also be resent, or retweeted, by a user that has received it by clicking the "Retweet" button on the Tweet, which enables users to redistribute the original Tweet to their followers."

6. Since Twitter's inception, more than 300 billion tweets have been tweeted into the ether

Many tweets per earthling.


7. 44% of Americans hear about tweets through media channels other than Twitter almost every day, according to a study this year from Arbitron Inc. and Edison Research

Wait, so maybe that J.C. Penney discount yesterday for saying hashtag out loud wasn't so crazy.

9. Twitter wants to become "an indispensable daily companion to live human experiences" and says it views itself as "the social soundtrack to life in the moment"


14. Argentina, France, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia and South Africa are among international markets that will probably see faster user growth than the U.S. going forward

15. The Super Bowl was mentioned 8 times in the filing

Apparently 45% of Super Bowl ads in the latest game used hashtags and overall, the event produced more than 24 million tweets

16. Facebook was mentioned 9 times, but Instagram was mentioned 10 times

17. And "political revolutions" was mentioned 4 times

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