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Has Someone Sent You A Blog Full Of Animated GIFs Recently?

There are thousands of these "what should we call it" blogs and they're well on their way to becoming the next "shit people say" meme. Which is unfortunate.

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There is a very loosely affiliated network of blogs on tumblr that in the last couple of months have become all the rage on tumblr. There isn't really a name for them, but they function in a very similar way to the "Shit People Say" youtube meme (groan) from a couple months back. They all follow a pretty simple set-up:

A feeling that a specific group of people have + an animated GIF that shows how you look when you feel that way.

The term a lot of these blogs use to identify themselves with is what should we call me blogs. Which comes from the name of the first blog to attempt this "shit people feel" kind of set-up, What Should We Call Me. Here's an example:

What Should We Call Me largely covers a very specific range of experiences, from a largely female point of view. There are ones for when you're flirting with a guy who's out of your league, for when you're trying to figure out how you feel about HBO's Girls, or when your friend doesn't have your back when you're having an argument with your boyfriend.

They are universal but specific experiences, and, like the shit people say meme, it's inspired a lot of imitators.


The point being, there are a lot of them, and they get increasingly more and more niche. There are ones for architects, improv comedians, or people from Raleigh, North Carolina.

But there isn't a definitive place to find them all. So in the comments, add any and all you can think of, the weirder and more specific the better.

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