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Ten Ron Paul Supporters Who Think Iowa Was A Great Success

Paulites in New Hampshire still think their hero will go all the way. One more reason you shouldn't expect him to drop out any time soon.

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John Pawelko, "Software developer by day, political cartoonist by night," Chicago

Ron Paul fan since: a few years

How he feels about Iowa: "I thought he was going to win outright. Santorum just got lucky. But Ron Paul is going to kill Mitt Romney."


Lisa Gravel, 41, mail carrier. Manchester, N.H.

Ron Paul fan since: 2009

How she feels about Iowa: "I was happy with it. Sure, it would have been better if he'd finished first, but we're working against a lot of D.C. establishment types."


Shem Kellogg, civil engineer, Salem, N.H.

Ron Paul fan since: last election cycle

How he feels about Iowa: "I guess I'm proud he tied. I was pretty confident he would win, but we still got seven delegates. And New Hampshire voters are open to Ron Paul's ideas in a different way."



Teshia O'Keefe, 34, self-employed, Wolfeboro, N.H.

Ron Paul fan since: "I just woke up three months ago."

How she feels about Iowa: "On the record? If the media wouldn't have blacked him out, I think he would have done better."


Ralph Gramazio, banquet waiter, Boston, M.A.

Ron Paul fan since: 2009. "For most of us, it's been a couple years. I had to wake up first."

How he feels about Iowa: "It was great. Would I have liked to win? Sure. But third place was very respectable. I think Rick Santorum doesn't have more of a game beyond Iowa."


Brandon Navom, 31, software engineer, Lowell, M.A.

Ron Paul fan since: "I've been a libertarian for three years, but I just recently got into Ron Paul."

How he fels about Iowa: "I think if Santorum didn't have such a surge, Ron Paul would have won it. Ron Paul is the only non-Romney candidate who has the popularity and the honesty and the ideas to go the distance."


Chan Cao, Unix IT administrator, Everett, M.A.

Ron Paul fan since: about two months ago

How he feels about Iowa: "I think we were cheated. There's a history of it -- I can no longer bring myself to believe in the system anymore. Something was working against us."

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