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Artur Davis: Convention Speaking Slot "Not A Role I Sought"

The former Alabama Democrat and Obama supporter, who has re-positioned himself as a Republican, says he didn't try for his just-announced speaking role at the RNC.

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Artur Davis, the former Democratic congressman added this morning to the list of Republican National Convention speakers, says he didn't seek out that role.

"I don't have any illusion that I will compare with Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, or so many other people I want to hear," Davis said in an email to BuzzFeed. "Its obviously an honor to be asked to speak but it is not a role I sought."

"I do hope I can make a succinct case about why 7 million Americans who voted for Barack Obama have left his camp," he said.

Davis seconded President Obama's nomination in 2008 and was a campaign co-chair, but in the intervening years he's traveled to the right politically, even toying with the idea of running for Congress in Virginia as a Republican. Davis has been campaigning for Mitt Romney, and the news that he'll speak at the RNC completes his transformation.

He told the Washington Post this morning that he planned to speak about the "two failures" of Obama's "broad themes": uniting the country and reversing economic decline.

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