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21 Truly Upsetting Vintage Food Advertisements

What, it's not like there's some LAW against mixing Miracle Whip with Jell-O.

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9. A sinister ad for a mysterious canned meat product called Prem.

National Home Monthly / Flickr: jbcurio / Creative Commons

Please note that the suggested recipe involves slathering the meat-stuff in marmalade.


16. A Hellmann's ad featuring not just one but THREE recipes that will probably give you explosive diarrhea.

Flickr: jbcurio / Creative Commons

AS IF you would think about making a special tuna dish without mayonnaise!

17. An ad for canned peaches that also involves Miracle Whip, because of course it does.

Flickr: jbcurio / Creative Commons

No canned peach dish could be complete without a square of cream cheese and a squirt of Miracle Whip.

Many thanks to Jamie Bradburn for collecting these gross gems. You can check out his blog or Flickr page for more.

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