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29 Things You Can Do Right Now To Get Your Kitchen Organized

A tidy, easy-to-use kitchen = more cooking = more food for you and everyone you love.

1. Use six-pack holders to organize bottles in your fridge door.

NEVER AGAIN feel the pang of fury and desperation as that little bar falls out and all your ketchups make a break for it.

2. Transfer the food in your pantry into clear jars or containers.

3. Label everything!

4. Put knife blocks in a drawer to keep knives from rattling around.

Better Homes & Gardens /

You can get a basic bamboo block or this slightly fancier cherry wood version.

5. Turn clothespins into cute towel hangers by attaching them to the wall with double-stick tape.

Pien Neve / / Via

6. Pin boxes of baggies right onto the wall for easy access.

It's like they were made for this.

7. Keep all your tupperware lids tidy with a dish drying rack.

You can just pop the whole thing in a cupboard.

8. Arrange the food in your pantry based on which ingredients you use the most often.

Jennifer Hadfield /

Keep the stuff you reach for all the time in the easiest-to-access area.

9. Use empty tissue boxes or box covers to keep plastic bags organized.

Better Homes & Gardens /

You can sheck out options for fancy covers at BHG, but also know there's no shame in upcycling a cute Kleenex box.

10. Store pans vertically with wire organizers so you don't have to unstack them every time you want one.

Laura Wittmann /

Find more tips on kitchen organization here.

11. Add an extra level of storage to a cupboard by popping in a riser.

Better Homes & Gardens /

Like one of these.

12. Hang up measuring cups and spoons on a wall or cabinet door so you can always find them.

Mandi Tremayne /

You definitely get bonus points for making an adorable chalkboard conversion chart. Get the details here.

13. Hang storage bins on doors so the space isn't wasted.

Better Homes & Gardens /

14. You can also separate measuring spoons into compartments based on size.

Faith Durand /

Faith at The Kitchn divided hers into three zones: tablespoons, teaspoons, and everything else.

15. Keep spices in matching containers so they're easier to stack and organize.

16. You can keep magnetic spice jars right on your fridge.

Here's how to set this up.

17. Install a pull-out drawer underneath the sink to make cleaning supplies easier to reach.

Design Set Match / / Via

This applies to any low-level cabinets you're tired of sticking your head into.See more photos of this San Francisco kitchen here.

18. Use wall space to hang utensils and free up your counters.

19. Keep spice jars on a lazy Susan so you can actually reach all of them.

Benita Larsson /

20. Turntables are great for condiments in the fridge too.

21. A pegboard is a flexible way to hang all kinds of kitchen tools if you don't have cupboard space.

Hannah Messinger /

See more photos of this lovely Nashville kitchen here.

22. Use baskets to declutter your fridge.

Two drawers are not enough!

23. Put food in labeled bins to use your freezer space more efficiently.

Better Homes & Gardens /

This also means you don't have to go digging around madly to find that single slice of pizza when you come home tipsy and starving.

24. Build your own wine rack with a few boards and basic tools.

The supplies for this project will only run you about $15 at a hardware store.

25. A cake stand can do double duty and maximize counter space for little things.

Your cake stand deserves to be useful more than once a year.

26. Hang up a magazine holder to store plastic wrap, foil, etc.

Shanna Wesolek /

27. Label leftovers in your fridge with the date you made it, so you know when to throw things out.

28. Turn an over-the-door shoe holder into a wonderland of snacks.

Sarah Roe /

29. Know how and where to store different foods.

There's no point wasting fridge space on tomatoes; they don't want it! Check out the full graphic here.