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23 Glorious Ways To Eat Mac & Cheese

Eat the cheese you want to see in the world.

1. Mac & Cheese Pie With A Bacon Lattice

Macey J. Foronda /

Mhmmm, yep. Here's how to make it.

2. Mac & Cheese-Filled Baked Potato

In case you were wondering, yes, that is MORE cheese (ricotta) underneath the mac & cheese. Here's how to make it.

3. Mac & Cheese Waffles

J. Kenji Lopéz-Alt /

Will it waffle? IT WILL. Get the recipe.

4. Pancetta Mac & Cheese Panini

Chung-Ah Ree /

What every ham and cheese sandwich secretly dreams of being. Get the recipe.

5. Mac & Cheese Jalapeño Poppers with Cheetos

Gerry Speirs /

An artful Cheeto garnish is never a bad idea. Get the recipe.

6. Crispy Mac & Cheese Pancakes

Sara Remington /

Breakfast, is that you? Get the recipe.

7. Mac & Cheese Tacos

Don't waste my time with that weak shredded cheddar. Get the recipe.

8. Deep Fried Mac & Cheese

9. Mini Mac & Cheese Pies

Rowena Dumlao-Giardina /

Is this or IS THIS NOT the cutest thing you have ever seen? Get the recipe.

10. Mac & Cheese Sushi

Dan Whalen /

Here's how to make these "mock-i rolls."

11. Mac & Cheese Dogs

Deborah Harroun /

Well, I know what I'm bringing to the cookout. Get the recipe.

12. Mac and Cheese Ravioli

Dan Whalen /

There's something so Right about wrapping pasta around more pasta. Get the recipe.

13. Mac & Cheese Burritos

Lol, remember when you thought filling burritos with rice was a good idea? Get the recipe.

14. Chili Mac & Cheese Fries

Rachel Sanders /

You don't have to be drunk to enjoy this, but it doesn't hurt. Get the recipe.

15. The Double Decker Mac & Cheese-Stuffed Bacon Weave Taco

Nick Chipman /

There's no official recipe for this beast, but you can get instructions for making the bacon taco shell here and improvise the rest.

16. Pizza Mac & Cheese Muffins

Rachel Gurk /

Important: Don't forget tomato sauce for dunking. Get the recipe.

17. Mac & Cheese Shepherd's Pie

Sara Remington /

Given choice between mac and mashed potatoes, I think the answer is clear. Get the recipe.

18. Mac & Cheese-Stuffed Chile Relleno

Dan Whalen /

It's inside a vegetable, so maybe it's...not not healthy? Get the recipe.

19. Mac & Cheese Pizza

Tonia /

Any five-year-old could tell you that this is a great idea. Get the recipe.

20. BBQ Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Karly Campbell /

It probably doesn't need the slow-cooked beef, but...why not? Get the recipe.

21. Mac & Cheese Egg Rolls

Deborah Harroun /

Fusion cuisine at its finest. Get the recipe.

22. Mac & Cheese Pot Pie

This Pillsbury recipe calls for their breadsticks, but you could easily make the top crust with biscuits, pie crust, or puff pastry. Get the recipe.

23. Mac & Cheese-Stuffed Burgers

Dan Whalen /

Regular Juicy Lucys should hang their heads in shame. Get the recipe.

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