17 French Toast Recipes That Could Change Your World

Bread is boring. Hand me that slice of cake.

1. Banana Bread French Toast

Let’s sit down and have a really serious conversation about that cornflake crust. Get the recipe.

2. Birthday Cake French Toast

Jessie Oleson /

It’s your birthday, you earned this. Congratulations on starting the year off right. Get the recipe.

3. Bagel French Toast

“But what about the hole!?” you cry. Ah, friend, you slice the bagel as if it were a tiny loaf of bread. Get the recipe.

4. Hot Dog Bun French Toast

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The star of your post-BBQ Sunday brunch. Get the recipe.

5. Angel Food French Toast

Angel food cake gets crunchy on the outside but stay incredibly light and fluffy on the inside: the ultimate custard-carrying vehicle. Get the recipe.

6. Pancake French Toast

Saturday: You make pancakes.
Sunday: You make French toast out of leftover pancakes.
Monday: You are granted a title of knighthood for Excellence in Breakfast.

Get the recipe.

7. English Muffin French Toast

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Those crannies were for born for this. Get the recipe.

8. Zucchini Bread French Toast

The totally wholesome way to eat dessert for breakfast. Get the recipe.

9. Mini French Toast Biscuits

Like a delicious spa for biscuits: Each one gets baked in its own personal French toast bath. Get the recipe.

10. Banana Bread Waffle French Toast

Would be great with any kind of waffles, but banana bread waffles sound pretty dope to me. Get the recipe.

11. Blueberry Muffin French Toast

Lightyears beyond the average, mundane muffin experience. Get the recipe here or with more specific measurements here.

12. Croissant French Toast

Bonjour, ma cherie. Get the recipe.

13. Pound Cake French Toast

Homemade or store-bought pound cake work equally well, and leftovers are great: the cake will absorb the French toast goodness best if it’s a little bit stale. Get the recipe.

14. Overnight Cinnamon Roll French Toast Bake

So fancy no one will suspect that the rolls came from a can. Get the recipe.

15. Ham-and-Cheese Sandwich French Toast

Known as Monte Cristo to his friends. Get the recipe.

16. Pumpkin Bread French Toast

Already excited for October. Get the recipe.

17. Donut French Toast

Brunch perfection incarnate. Get the recipe.

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