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16 Ideas For Amazing Fruit Salads

What to do (and what to don't) if you're interested in making pretty, delicious, totally non-lame bowls of fruit.

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It's summer! And summer means fruit.

SO MUCH FRUIT. Sometimes too much to actually eat it all before it starts to get icky — which is why fruit salads are such a great idea. You can redeem on-the-edge produce with just a little TLC so that it becomes a whole new magical concoction.

But the term "fruit salad" has long been abused by those who believe that tasteless honeydew + unripe cantaloupe + rock hard grapes = something worth eating. It's high time to reclaim this territory with interesting, beautiful, luscious, non-boring combinations of fruits.

Here are some ideas to help you keep things fresh:


1. Use a little Greek yogurt in the dressing.

A good dressing — not too sweet, not too heavy — helps bind everything together and bring out the fruit's juiciness. These berries are chillin' in a mixture of Greek yogurt, honey, and mint.

2. Or use this great, basic formula: citrus juice + fresh herb + honey or syrup.

You get something acidic, something interesting, and something sweet. The acid in lemon, lime, or orange juice brightens up the flavors and keeps fruit from turning brown. Soft fresh herbs like mint, tarragon, and basil are the best. Get the recipe for this salad here.


6. Let some vegetables join the party.

Forget the botanical technicalities of what may or may not be a "fruit;" the point is, don't be afraid to mix in things that aren't sweet. Cucumber makes a super addition to honeydew and watermelon in this summer salad.


9. Try sticking with just one type of fruit — for example, stone fruits.

Exercising some restraint in terms of genre helps bring out subtle, individual flavors of different fruits. Plums, pluots, and nectarines here.


And berries are happiest in the company of other berries.

They're delicate and easily squished by heavier, galumphing fruits like melons. Also possibly just very snooty. Get the recipe for this patriotic salad here.


Just please never, never commit any of these inexcusable offenses against fruit salad:


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