Here’s What To Do When Your Ice Cream Is Too Hard

This genius life-hack means you will NEVER AGAIN have to wait around like a chump while your quart of cookies-and-cream softens up.

1. As a living human, chances are you’ve known the soul-crushing pain of taking a quart of delicious ice cream out of the freezer and then realizing that’s it TOO HARD TO EAT.


What, you really expect me to wait around for 20 minutes while it thaws out? What do I look like, some kind of saint with INFINITE PATIENCE?

2. But! Great news! The brilliant minds over at America’s Test Kitchen have devised a method to circumvent this serious problem.

3. First, run a sharp knife under hot water to heat it up.

America’s Test Kitchen /

4. Now, slice your ice cream cross-wise…

America’s Test Kitchen /

5. …and length-wise.

America’s Test Kitchen /

You can reheat the knife if it gets too hard to slice.

6. Next, heat up your ice cream scoop the same way.

America’s Test Kitchen /

7. And scoop right into your handy-dandy sections.

America’s Test Kitchen /

8. Now pile those scoops high…


9. …and dig in!

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