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33 Genius Three-Ingredient Recipes

Yep, it really can be this easy.

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6. nuts + dates + dried fruit = energy bars

Don't mess with the dates (they keep everything cohesive and sweet) but use whatever kind of combos you like for the fruit and nuts: Try cherry-almond, apricot-almond, cranberry-pecan, or apple-cinnamon-walnut. Get the recipe.


7. tomatoes + onion + butter = perfect tomato sauce

It's fair to call this sauce from Italian cooking queen Marcella Hazan (RIP!) one of the classic recipes of the century; you get something amazingly rich and delicious from just three ingredients and practically zero work. Canned or fresh tomatoes both work, so you can make it year-round. Get the recipe.


13. basil + olive oil + salt = pesto

The Bitten Word / Flickr: galant / Creative Commons

Classic pesto usually has cheese, garlic, and nuts, but this super-streamlined version proves that they're not mandatory to make a delicious sauce. Get the recipe.


18. chocolate wafers + cream + sugar = icebox cake

If you've never experience cookies and cream melded into one magical substance, you're in for a great surprise. Nabsico "Famous" chocolate wafers are the classic, but you can try it with any kind of thin cookie. Here's how to make it.


27. coconut milk + sugar + flavoring = vegan ice cream

You'll need an ice cream maker if you want it to be really creamy and fluffy, but it's worth it. Try using anything you like to flavor the ice cream — the coconut base is quiet enough to work with vanilla, chocolate, coffee, fruit, you name it. Get the recipe.

28. sweet potato + white beans + tahini = veggie burgers

OK, this is sort of cheating on the number of ingredients since you might need to throw a handful of flour or breadcrumbs in there too, depending on how squishy the mix is. But they're still dead simple. Get the recipe.