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28 Fruit Desserts Easier Than Pie

Pie who? Let me introduce you to your new, totally low-maintenance fruity friends: betty, buckle, crisp, crumble, grunt, pandowdy, and slump.

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N.B. Opinions vary infinitely regarding the difference, if there is one, between a crisp and a crumble. One might have oats, but the other might too. According to Gourmet, "A crisp is called a crumble in Britain." Jolly good, carry on.


20. Peach Blueberry Cobbler

Recipe here. Deb warns that a 2-1 peach–blueberry ratio "baked up to taste almost entirely like a blueberry dessert." So watch your berry count if you want the peaches to come through.

25. Plum Pandowdy

Pandowdies = bottomless pies. Pies without pants! In this recipe you use a knife to slice up the top crust halfway through baking, which lets steam out and lets the fruit filling bubble up through.


A brown betty is the easiest of all: fruit baked with buttery bread crumbs on top.

A buckle is like a coffee cake with fruit inside: cake batter on the bottom, streusel crumbs (flour + sugar + butter) on top.

A crisp and a crumble are the same thing: fruit baked with streusel on top.

A cobbler is fruit baked with biscuit dough on top.

A grunt and a slump are the same thing: fruit cooked with dumplings on top — basically, steamed cobblers.

A pandowdy is a pantsless pie — just a top crust, broken up with a knife.


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