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27 Ridiculously Delicious Carb-On-Carb Recipes

If it's any color besides beige, I'm not eating it.

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9. Rice Krispie Treat Pancakes With Browned Butter Syrup

Tieghan Gerard /

Too long have cereal and pancakes been kept from each other by the small-minded division of breakfast into temperature-based categories. People, rise up! We CAN have it all! Get the recipe.

14. Crack Pie

Christopher Griffith /

Step 1: Make an oatmeal cookie crust. Step 2: Fill it with butter, brown sugar*, eggs, cream, and more good things. Step 3: Descend into blissful carb coma for the next six months. Get the recipe.

*You may point out that this pie is not technically carb-on-carb in the sense of starchy carbs, but lest ye forget: Sugar is a perfectly respectable carb in its own right. The carb to rule all carbs!

20. California Breakfast Burritos

My friend, do you know what a California burrito is? Well, long story short, it's a burrito with french fries on the inside. And this one has some scrambled eggs, too, for good measure. Get the recipe.

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