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19 Comedians Made A Hilarious And Moving Video Supporting Same-Sex Marriage In Ireland

"Take this opportunity to give gay people the same pain and suffering that any other married person has."

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Comedians from Ireland, Britain, Canada, South Africa, and the US have made this video to encourage people to vote Yes in Ireland's same-sex marriage referendum on Friday.

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It features Jason Byrne and Aisling Bea, who says, "We're making this video in the hope people will back our battle for equality." "Or filth," adds Byrne. "Best of luck to all the homosexuals. And lesbians."


Katherine Ryan adds, "I'm half-Irish. Not just Irish the way every North American says. I have an Irish passport and GAY PEOPLE in my Irish family." She urges people to vote Yes "because I want to see my Irish family be happy."


Kevin Bridges reminds Jon Richardson and Rachel Riley that Scotland legalised gay marriage, and therefore "led the way" not only in that but in "inventing the television". "And the SNP," adds Richardson.


Patrick Strudwick is a LGBT editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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