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Tropical Storm Don Formed And Everyone Erupted With Trump Jokes

"A bigly tropical storm, not yet a hurricane. Sad!"

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The storm was located about 485 miles southeast of Barbados with sustained winds of around 40 mph. Don was expected to approach the Windward Islands, prompting watches and warnings.


A tropical storm warning was issued for the island of Grenada, while watches were in effect for Barbados, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Saint Lucia.


While people quickly noticed the storm shared its name with the US president, the match is actually a coincidence.


Tropical cyclone names are created years in advance by the World Meteorological Organization, and Don was added to the list by the National Hurricane Center back in 2006 — long before Donald Trump entered the race for president.

But that didn't stop people from drawing a connection to President Trump.


National Weather Service releases first picture of Tropical Storm Don

Tropical Storm Don. A lot of hot air, going around in circles.


No worries — it'll weaken into a tropical depression before it even has to file financial disclosures.

A bigly tropical storm, not yet a hurricane. Sad!

#95L now becomes TS #Don, but it isn't yuuuge or bigly by any means. Likely to have a short lifespan. Not expected…

But of course that didn't stop the jokes from coming.

Don't worry, everyone. Tropical Storm Don is only expected to hit golf courses.


Tropical Storm Don is expected to be the first storm in US history to cause widespread damage in every state of the Union.

@BuzzFeedStorm @BuzzFeedNews When you're a tropical storm they let you do whatever you want.

Don't worry everyone. Its foreign so @realDonaldTrump won't let it into the US.

Mt. Rushmore prepares as Tropical Storm Don colludes into larger storm

Me waiting for Tropical Storm Don to wipe out Mar-a-Lago

While Tropical Storm Don wasn't expected to become a hurricane...

#Don's official NHC forecast: Dissipates by Wednesday night. It's doing great in the polls though.

...there was still hope for another name on this year's Pacific storm list: Hilary.

What hurricanes will be named in 2017. #hurricaneseason

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