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Inspiring Story Of Newtown Guys Pitching In To Help Oklahoma Tornado Victims

It has been six months since 20 children and six adults were killed by Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary. Since then, the people of Newtown, Conn., have inspired the rest of the country with their generosity and resilience. Here's one example.

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This is John DiCostanzo and his buddies.

Christiaan Patterson/Moore Monthly

Newtown, Conn., native John DiCostanzo (L) and his three friends (L-R) Bill Faucett, Peter Baressi, and Howard Wood are all former or current residents of Newtown and Sandy Hook, Conn. They all know people who were affected by the Dec. 14, tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. After a devastating tornado ravaged the community of Moore, Okla. on May 20, they decided to do something to help the people there.


People who heard their story helped them along the way.

Rob Morris from the Moore Monthly met up with the guys and took them out for Mexican food! And an old friend from Newtown, Mark Rixson, put the four guys up for the night at his house in Kansas City, DiCostanzo told BuzzFeed.

Finally they arrived at the scene of the devastation.

Rob Morris/Moore Monthly

Originally destined for Moore, Okla., the team was re-routed by disaster relief coordinators to nearby Norman. They arrived in Moore at the same, rather hectic time as President Obama. When they finally reached a drop-off location, the group found at least 50 other trailers being unloaded, DiCostanzo said.


And a second trip out to Oklahoma is already in the works.


Members of the group are set to embark again on June 21, DiCostanzo says. He has three drivers committed and enough stuff to fill more than half a trailer. A friend donated a storage unit (seen here) to store all the donations.

Along with all the usual items, DiCostanzo hopes to also bring a bunch of flags and flagpoles to give to people who are rebuilding their homes.


(All Facebook photos posted with permission from John DiCostanzo)

Michael Hayes is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.

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