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16 Kids Lunch Ideas You Can Whip Up In The Morning

Quick, easy, no-frills lunch ideas.

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4. Spaghetti and meatballs

The perfect recipe to make-ahead and reheat for lunch and dinner all week long. If you do make the pasta ahead of time, remember to drizzle some olive oil onto the batch so your noodles don't stick together. Recipe here.

5. Freezer PB&J sandwiches

Honestly, you don't even need the sandwich cutter to make these freezer sandwiches. Just make sure you spread each side of bread with peanut butter and sandwich the jelly between the two slices — this way the bread won't get soggy overnight. Recipe here.

7. Cinnamon french toast sticks


8. Cheesy calzones

Either freeze, and reheat these in the morning before throwing them in a lunch bag, or save and bake the calzone dough in the morning with whatever filling (cheese, cooked meat, cooked veggies) you want. Recipe here.

10. Freezable ham, egg, and cheese pockets

The recipe might read tedious but TBH the most time-consuming part of these pockets will be the eggs — which you can totally leave out if you're short on time. Recipe here.