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17 Delicious Ways To Turn Thanksgiving Leftovers Into Breakfast

The feast must go on.

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4. Whisk sweet potato puree into pancake batter:

Pumpkin or squash puree works too. This version tops the stack with coconut chips and puffed grains (~for fancy times~) but there's no reason why you can't just stick with syrup. Get the recipe.

6. Use day-old stuffing to make savory waffles, then top them with cranberry sauce:

These are a surprisingly simple way to repurpose leftover stuffing — just add stock to day-old stuffing, and place it into a (well-oiled) waffle iron. Instructions for both from-scratch and leftover versions here.

7. Finish off leftover bread and pumpkin puree with a make-ahead breakfast bake:

Just add a few pantry staples — like butter, eggs, and milk — and this is done in under an hour. To save even more time, you can also assemble this the night before, then bake it in the morning. Get the recipe.