Is This Piece Of ’80s Electronica Karl Rove’s Idea Of Cool?

A sample from the forgotten band Yello seems to figure in today’s attack on Obama for being too “cool.” Watch this video, and decide for yourself. H/T Dorsey Shaw

Swiss electronica band Yello.

The latest commercial released by Karl Rove’s conservative Super PAC, American Crossroads, appears to sample from the 80’s Electronica hit, “Oh yeah” — a song that was immortalized at the end of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

BuzzFeed reached out to Deiter Meier — the lead singer of the Swiss band, Yello (pictured above) that was behind the 80’s smash — but received no response.

We’ll update if we hear back. In the mean time, watch this video and see if you catch the Yello homage.

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