Which Fictional Company Should You Actually Work At?

Let's be serious here — we all want to work for Stark Industries.

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Which Fictional Company Should You Actually Work At?

You got: Globex Corporation!

Featured In: The Simpsons Who ever said working for a giant evil organization was a bad thing? Just like one of Homer Simpson's best (and shortest) jobs, at Globex, your mansion will be paid for by your employer and nestled in the mountains with the rest of your coworkers. You'll have everything you need, not to mention you'll be working for one of the best bosses in the industry. It won't be easy — Project Arcturus can't succeed without you — but it'll be well worth the effort. Just don't ask about the silo under the office.

Globex Corporation!
Gracie Films / 20th Century Fox
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You got: Virtucon!

Featured In: Austin Powers What started as an evil genius' project to rule the world blossomed into one of the largest energy and technology conglomerates in the United Sates. Your new boss, Number 2, built out a company that is the envy of much of corporate America, even without his old two-bit boss Dr. Evil running the show. And the perks are great too — including ill-tempered sea bass as the office fish.

New Line Cinema / Via
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You got: Cyberdyne Systems!

Featured In: Terminator 2: Judgment Day Nestled in the southern San Francisco Bay Area, Cyberdyne Systems started as a humble manufacturing company to become one of the leading suppliers of technology for weapons systems. You'll be working with the smartest minds in the world on projects that will go on to become next-generation microprocessors. The pay is more than good enough to buy a house in the Bay Area, and you're working on some of the craziest new tech you've ever seen. Just don't ask where the plans come from and hope a Terminator doesn't randomly show up one night.

Cyberdyne Systems!
Carolco Pictures
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You got: Acme Corporation!

Featured In: Looney Tunes Even if the only thing you're interested in is building rocket sandals, Acme Corp. wants to talk to you. It has a number of high-profile clients and the projects are always unique and interesting. The executives at Acme are geniuses at figuring out the right market for your products, whatever they may be. Your only limit is your imagination.

Acme Corporation!
Warner Bros.
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You got: Dunder Mifflin!

Featured In: The Office So perhaps the mega-corporation isn't for you — that's OK! Dunder Mifflin has branches all around the country, including one of its most quaint in Scranton, Penn. There's plenty of room for upward mobility at the company, though you might have to move, and the offices always attract a colorful cast of characters.

Dunder Mifflin!
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You got: Stark Industries!

Featured In: Iron Man/The Avengers Who wouldn't want to work with Tony Stark, the billionaire philanthropist playboy who moonlights as a superhero in a power suit? At Stark Industries, you're working on next-generation projects like reactors and defense technology that will help protect the world from the most dangerous beings in the universe — whether they're home-grown or from somewhere in space.

Stark Industries!
Marvel Studios
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You got: Wayne Enterprises!

Featured In: Batman Wayne Enterprises products span whole industries, including projects in technology, medicine, energy, and pretty much everything else. As an added benefit to working for one of the largest and most successfully run (at least, at times) companies, the Wayne Foundation works to solve some of the most complex social and medical problems of the era. Just don't ask why your boss, Bruce Wayne, was out late last night again — it's kind of a sensitive subject.

Wayne Enterprises!
Warner Bros., Legendary Pictures
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You got: MomCorp!

Featured In: Futurama In the not-too-near future, Futurama's MomCorp provides nearly the entire infrastructure for the robotics industry — conveniently powered by alcohol. The technological revolution paves the way for a new era in humanity that introduces fully sentient robots that could easily one day be your wisecracking roommate. The downside: The leadership is almost exclusively split among its CEO and her three children, so there's not a whole lot of room for upward mobility. Who knows, you might even run into Phillip J. Fry and the rest of the Planet Express crew along the way.

20th Century Fox
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You got: Bluth Company

Featured In: Arrested Development Once a top real estate company, a series of bad decisions and questionable homes invited an investigation by the Securities & Exchange Commission. But now that's over, you'll have a chance to take part of a huge turnaround under the leadership of Michael Bluth. Just ignore the insane family members that frequent the office and tend to get in the way of running the company.

Bluth Company
Fox, Netflix
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