Report: Comcast To Acquire Time Warner Cable For $159 A Share

The $42.5 billion deal would make the country’s largest cable provider even bigger. And already people are unhappy.

One of the longest running dramas in the business world will come to an end tomorrow morning with Comcast reportedly agreeing to buy Time Warner Cable for $159 a share in Comcast stock. The deal is worth some $45.2 billion.

This would make the country’s largest cable provider — Comcast, with almost 22 million — even larger as it adds Time Warner’s subscriber pool of 12.2 million, even though the final number will probably be smaller than that.

The deal also ends Charter’s contentious bidding for Time Warner Cable. A $132.50-a-share bid was rejected by Time Warner earlier this month. Comcast’s bid will still have to win regulatory approval and is likely to get a tough look from the FCC.

And even if regulators bless the deal, Comcast’s potential new customers — at least the ones on Twitter — are already fuming.

Comcast is apparently going to extend their evil reach

— JoeCLucas (@JoeCLucas)

Comcast is gonna buy Time Warner Cable? Google is our only hope.

— Jeff Brand (@Jeff_Brand)

Time Warner + Comcast = You'll never watch anything on your tv or computer ever again.

— BurritoBrosShits (@BurritoBrosShit)

Wait, so Comcast is following me to New York now? God has a funny sense of humor.

— Harrison Goodman (@GoodmanHarrison)

Fck Comcast yo. RT @MsBoss788 Seriously? I reallllly don't want Comcast man. I'm content with twc

— Bae La Soul (@RHEmarkable)

Excited to see what Comcast does with Time Warner Cable on a scale of swallowing knives to hanging myself like the old woman in Airplane.

— Katherine Miller (@katherinemiller)

Comcast buying Time Warner Cable. Shit. From bad to worse.

— J. Gobert (@MrGobert)

Comcast is buying TimeWarner Cable. Now we're gonna see if shit customer service can truly scale.

— Air News (@AirNewsApp)

Comcast buys TWC, bringing us all closer to shitty internet monopoly.

— Jake (@Omnimon)

Time Warner being bought out by Comcast. Cable in KY bout to be shitty x2.

— DeShawn Hayes (@Ville_Hayes)

Comcast is buying Time's like poop is buying crap

— Daniel Greenstein (@dg12x)

The thought of Comcast having an even bigger monopoly makes me ill.

— Tim Csontos (@timcsontos)

@dmataconis @EdMorrissey @businessinsider Indeed. But merging Comcast & Time Warner is like merging a septic tank & a latrine

— Jeff Cox (@JCCentCom)

LOL. I just tried to pitch this Comcast-TWC story and my TWC service is so bad it timed out

— Cooper Fleishman (@_Cooper)

Behold the birth of history's most god-awful company MT @BloombergTV: BREAKING: Comcast agrees to pay $159 a share for Time Warner Cable

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott)

The idea of getting stuck with Comcast will keep me awake at night. TWC is bad enough.

— Lynn (@Lynn4MK)

Never thought being a cablevision customer would actually be a good thing #comcast #timewarnercable buyout

— Stephen Ries (@stephen_ries)

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