16 Reasons Every Vegan Should Own A Blender

*And/or food processor.

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Blend, baby, blend.

The following recipes use either blenders or food processors to create vegan deliciousness. Basically, it's best to have both (or, OMG VITAMIX YESSS), but a lot of times you can use either/or.

1. Vegan pesto is a fantastic staple to keep on hand (it's so yummy on sandwiches, too). If you make a big batch, you can also freeze half!

2. Want to make your own "milk"? Go beyond basic with this macadamia milk recipe.

Full instructions at Healthy Blender Recipes.

(This recipe calls for a Vitamix, however we've made nut milks to our heart's content in even the most basic blender.)

6. If there were no blenders in the world....then there'd also be no vegan nacho cheese. And that would be sad.

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Full recipe at Vegan Yumminess.

(Recipe suggests using a blender or Vitamix, but a food processor would also get the job done.)

7. Perhaps an obvious reason, but one of the BEST reasons: Creamy soups. Especially handy for cold soups in summer!

Get the recipe for creamy roasted tomato gazpacho at Love and Lemons.

(Use your blender or food processor to achieve soupy yumminess!)

8. And the best vegan breakfast in hot weather is hands-down a refreshing smoothie, like this pineapple mango concoction.

11. Not like this is a substitute for anything, but still a fresh and inventive side that will surprise your guests.

14. Vegan sour cream will last up to three weeks in the fridge and is great for turning soups creamy, making potatoes richer, and of course, making chili better.