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23 Cooking Tips To Take Advantage Of What You Already Have

Bake the ultimate cake with mayonnaise and dental floss.

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3. Save Parmesan rinds to make Parmesan broth.

If you haven't been making this, all your future soups and risotto will thank you.

5. Use a stand mixer to shred your meat.

Not just for baking, people. Tips on how to perfect the method here.


8. Make an adorable "mushroom" salad with eggs and tomatoes.

AWWWWW! Quick how-to here.


23. Freeze Cool Whip into customized marshmallows.

Add a splash of water to Cool Whip and spread it out in a baking sheet. Freeze the pan overnight and then use cookie cutters to make adorable shapes for your ice cream, cocoa, or coffee.


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