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Britain Has Left The EU And People Around The World Find It Hilarious

This will be updated as countries wake up to discover Britain is leaving the EU.

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The United Kingdom on Thursday voted to leave the European Union in a historic referendum that led Prime Minister David Cameron to announce his resignation. Across Europe and the world, people reacted with a mix of shock and glee.



Spain is due to have a general election this Sunday. Pablo Iglesias, the leader of the left-wing political party Podemos, tweeted, "Sad day for Europe. We must change our course. Nobody would want to leave a fair and solidary Europe. We have to change Europe."


Thanks, guys...


Есть и хорошие новости! Жизнь для российских чиновников и олигархов, а также обучение для их детей станет дешевле из-за падения фунта!

"Good news is the lives of Russian politicians and oligarchs and the cost of tuition for their children is going to be way lower because of the pound falling."


Teens in France are particularly interested in the effect Brexit is going to have on Asos prices.

"Ok, so let’s talk straight. Is the Brexit will have an impact on the Asos shipping prices? … How do you mean, i’m shallow?!.."

Here's your stock market preview for Friday...#Brexit

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