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There's A Maybe-Heartbreaking Detail In The New "Stranger Things 2" Trailer

*cranks amp up to ELEVEN*

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And though we don't have any details on how our girl escaped the Upside Down, the trailer might have offered us a big ol' clue as to what this season holds for her story arc.

Remember Episode 3 of Season 1, after Will disappeared, Hopper went to the library to research the Hawkins National Laboratory? And had that awkward run-in with Marissa the librarian, who he 100% ghosted?


Fast forward to Episode 6, and Hopper's investigation led him (and Joyce) to Terry's house, where she lived with her sister, Becky. Remember? It was all sorts of awkward. Terry just sat there in her Victorian era nightgown and didn't speak.

Becky explained that Terry hadn't spoken in five years, on account of the trauma she suffered after becoming involved in a drug-fueled experimental study during college.


The study, MK Ultra, was a paid program in which subjects where given psychedelics and then put in sensory-deprivation isolation tanks (like the one Eleven uses to focus her powers in Season 1) to extend the boundaries of the mind.

However, Terry didn't know when she participated in the study that she was pregnant. She claimed that her child was born with special abilities and taken by the government. The authorities claimed Terry had miscarried in her third trimester and the child, Jane, was dead.


It's the same house!!!!!!!!!


There are some differences but it's definitely the same house. The drawings on the wall have moved but they're the same, the wall hangings haven't moved, and both the tables are still there.

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