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Lady Olenna's Costume On "Game Of Thrones" Is Breaking My Heart

Most savage of queens.

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OK, you're still here, so you know that Lady Olenna, the biggest badass in the great game, died in this week's episode of Game of Thrones.


While Tyrion assumed Cersei would defend Casterly Rock against the Unsullied, Jaime and his army overtook the Mother of Dragons' ally.


In past seasons, we saw Lady Olenna wear colorful headdresses that seemed to mirror her allegiances, like Sansa does.


She often wore the pale blue associated with House Tyrell (like Margaery), which, according to costume designer Michele Clapton, created a jarring contrast to the reds of House Lannister. But she also often wore gold, which is a shared color in both the Lannister and Tyrell sigils (a lion and rose, respectively).


But since Margaery and Loras died at the end of Season 6 when Cersei blew up the Sept of Baelor, we've seen Lady Olenna only in all black, wearing one simple black headdress embroidered with the signature Tyrell roses.

We saw Lady Olenna wear the black headdress after Joffrey's death — but she wasn't in full mourning, obviously, so she wasn't in head-to-toe black.


She was dressed in muted colors, but still had some subdued Tyrell blue in there, and donned that fabulous rose belt.


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