Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Internet?

Test your knowledge of the weird world of the world wide web. All quotes are taken from various social networks - identify them and impress your friends (yeah, right) with your high score!

Some of the most fun accounts on Twitter are “TXT” accounts that take snippets of disembodied text from a certain website, forum, or social network for comic effect. @TumblrTXT, @Reddit_txt, etc…

They tease out the worst stereotypes - the lonely loser Redditor, the annoying guy explaining stuff on RapGenius, the Tumblr user arguing about priviledge and “otherkin rights”. Seeing these snippets of real text from sites pop up in your Twitter feed without any context is a pure delight.

Here’s a quiz that uses top tweets from a few of these. Can you figure out which site each sentence came from?

  1. 1. "TIL living in Nazi Germany as a Jew was easier than living in modern day USA as an atheist."
    1. Reddit
    2. Kickstarter
    3. Wikipedia
  2. 2. "In Predator 2, the main Predator was designed to look more urban and [[hip]] than its predecessor."
    1. Reddit
    2. Wikipedia
    3. Furries messageboard
  3. 3. "If you drink somebody's pee, you're expected to know that person, to know his or her health problems, if any. You know, it's just like sex."
    1. Pick-Up Artist forums
    2. Furries messageboard
    3. Tumblr
  4. 4. "As soon as he gets home, he has hot bitches inside already. They're super fly and they have a hot body and face"
    1. Reddit
    2. Pick-Up Artist forum
    3. Rap Genius
  5. 5. "If you consume dairy or eggs, you are NOT a feminist. The dairy and egg industries are the biggest form of female oppression there is."
    1. BuzzFeed
    2. Wikipedia
    3. Tumblr
  6. 6. "My wing-man who I trusted and looked up to, turns out to be a closet homosexual."
    1. Kickstarter
    2. Pick-up Artist forums
    3. Rap Genius
  7. 7. "I don't think any human woman could ever live up to the standards a fictional pony has set."
    1. Reddit
    2. Fanfiction sites
    3. BuzzFeed comments
  8. 8. "I need more sloths in my life."
    1. Tumblr
    2. BuzzFeed
    3. Furaffinity
  9. 9. "It has been months since I was married to Ludacris and a whole year since we turned into lions."
    1. Wikipedia
    2. Rap Genius
    3. Fanfiction sites
  10. 10. "Yolo Plus, A clothing line for everyone."
    1. Furries
    2. BuzzFeed comments
    3. Kickstarter

All quotes in the quiz come from my favorite “TXT” Twitter accounts:

@fanfiction_txt, @TumblrTXT, @rapgenius_txt, @furaffinity_txt , @PUA_txt, @Reddit_txt, and @KickstarterTXT.

Or you can follow this Twitter list that former BuzzFeed intern Brian Feldman made. Easy! Do it! You won’t regret it!

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