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Trump Loaned His Campaign $10.8 Million In The Final Months Of 2015

He also raised $2.6 million during the fourth fundraising quarter.

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Donald Trump bet big on his presidential campaign in the final months of 2015, loaning the presidential effort $10.8 million according to federal filings disclosed on Sunday night.

The billionaire came under fire last year for repeatedly claiming he’d been self-funding his campaign when his campaign was mostly relying on donations — and continuing to claim that after it had pointed out that he wasn't.

In the fourth quarter, he was still fundraising: He raised an additional $2.6 million — the majority of which came from small-dollar donors.

Regardless of where the money's coming from, Trump's spending a lot on hats. The campaign has spent $405,038.84 on hats — more than the combined expenditures of Rick Santorum and Jim Gilmore. (Those hats are produced in a California factory where many of the employees are Hispanic or even immigrants.)

Katherine Miller is the political editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.

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