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Here Are Some Of The Wildest Details Louise Linton Spilled In Her Latest Interview

She reeeally wants to wear those gloves again.

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You might also recall that memoir about her "nightmare" gap year in Zambia, which was widely denounced, not only for its offensive stereotypes, but also because a lot of it seemed to be fabricated.


ANYWAY. On Tuesday, Elle published a truly wild profile of Linton. Here are some of the best, most chef-kissing-fingers details from it:

1. SoulCycle is her "temple," and she says that makes her an extremely regular person.

Instagram: @louiselinton

She also showed up to the interview in SoulCycle-branded leggings and a beanie. (SoulCycle costs $34 per class.)

2. She grew up in a literal-ass castle.

Google Maps

Her dad was a property developer, and the wealthy family lived just outside of Edinburgh, Scotland.

According to previous interviews with Linton, that castle is Melville Castle, pictured above.


3. Getting called "deplorable" on Instagram hurt her feelings, and she started the fight because she was "feeling like a regular person."

louiselinton / Via Twitter

"I was feeling like a regular person," Linton said. "And regular people, when someone says something mean to you on social media, regular people are allowed to respond.”

5. One time she befriended a homeless man named Richard "because she was concerned about the health of his dog."

Instagram: @louiselinton

She paid for the dog's vet bill, and Richard told Elle he could tell Linton's a good person because his dog liked her.

6. She's on Snapchat (and her press rep found that out exactly when the rest of us did).

To quote the Elle piece, "'I didn’t even know she had Snapchat,' her press rep says, faintly concerned."


7. She thinks President Trump is “nice, and so charming.”

Alex Wong / Getty Images

She also thinks Vice President Pence is “the most gentle, lovely, wonderful, smart, kind," and Ivanka Trump is “incredibly bright, brilliant, gifted, thoughtful, kind, generous, and very, very elegant.”

8. When Linton first got to Washington, she decided she "should be more fashionable."

Joel Ryan / Invision for Scottish Fashion Award

“I was tagging things [on Instagram] because I thought I had seen other actresses doing that, and I was like, I should do that, too," she said. "I should be more fashionable. I need to play that role; I need to be more elegant; I need to be more stylish.”

“I look at amazing fashion icons like Jackie O and I’m like, Why can’t I wear gloves?” she said.

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