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This Is The Sound Of Brazil Celebrating A Goal


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Once upon a time, in a quiet neighborhood in São Paulo, Brazilians lost their shit.

Claus Wahlers/Storyful / Via

The sound you hear is of a regular old neighborhood, where families and friends were gathering in individual apartments to watch Brazil's first World Cup match against Croatia.

The first big cheer you hear at :04 is for Neymar's graceful first goal.

Along with the cheers, Brazilian fans were breathing a sigh of relief after their own player, Marcelo, scored an own goal only 11 minutes in. According to Claus Wahlers, who recorded the sound, the area was almost perfectly silent after Croatia's goal.

And then there's a big ruckus at :41 Neymar's beautifully executed penalty kick.


And then, the third burst of cheering you hear at 1:11 is for Oscar, who scored a sly third goal.

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Wahler says that the only cheering he's heard that was anywhere near that loud was when Bosnia scored against Argentina. (The beef between Brazil and Argentina is really intense.)

Watch the full video here:

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