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Can You Guess Which Country This Soccer Announcer Is From?


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1. Where is this guy from?

Seriously, he's hyperventilating and may need medical assistance.


2. Can you name the home country of this excitable gentleman?

3. How about this guy, who is so excited that his voice cracks? Where's he from?


4. And what about this guy, who asks everyone to "drink it in"?

5. How about this dude, who has evidently left the orbit of the Earth? Where's he from?


6. Now pay close attention to this question: Which country is this guy calling games for in the 2014 World Cup?

7. This guy is a transplant from his native country, but this is what he sounds like narrating the "goal of the century." Which team is he calling the goal for?


8. This announcer invented his own cry for when a goal is scored. What country is he from?

9. And finally, this dude, who can be heard shouting the traditional, endless "GOOOOOOOOOAL!!!" Where's he from?

Julia Furlan is an audio editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York.

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