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"We Are The 53%": 16 Examples Of The Conservative Response To #OccupyWallStreet

"We are the 53%" refers to the 53% of American households who pay federal income tax. It is the brain child of CNN correspondent and Red State's Erick Erickson.

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1. Erick's Original

"I work 3 jobs.

I have a house a can't sell.

My family insurance costs are outrageous.

But I don't blame Wall Street.

Suck it up you whiners.

I am the 53% subsidizing you so you can hang out on Wall Street and complain."



"My Mom died when I was 16.

My Dad killed himself when I was 19.

I worked 40+ hors a week at two jobs to put myself through public university.

I graduated in four years.

I took jobs I didn't want.

Why didn't you?

Suck it up and become part of the 53%"


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