What Is The Greatest Bromance In Video Game History?

Reddit debates. We decide.

1. Is it Shepard and Garrus from Mass Effect?

2. Or how about Chief and the Arbiter from Halo?

3. Drake and Sully from Uncharted are super tight, but they have a bit of a father-son thing going on.

4. Ratchet and Clank are surely up there, but can a robot be a bro? A brobot?

5. Also, they probably aren’t better bros than Jak and Daxter.

6. Marcus and Dom from Gears of War are epic bros, but would they have anything to talk about in peacetime?

7. Lee and Kenny in The Walking Dead can get pretty tight if you make the right choices.

8. And of course, Snake and Otacon thug out together.

9. Plus, anyone who plays Team Fortress knows the Medic and the Heavy go together like green and pink.

10. For my money though, there is only one true gaming bromance, which will stand the test of time forever.

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